Friday, September 25, 2009

It's Up To Me - by Don Merrell of the JR Simplot Company:

I want a workplace, that's Injury Free

And if that's going to happen, then it's up to me.

I can't take for granted, that anyone,

Has done all the things, that I should have done.

I must, take the time, with each task I do,

To look for the hazards, and think the job through.

To check the procedures and follow them all

And reject taking shortcuts, no matter how small.

When I walk through the workplace, I must stay alert

To watch for those things, that could get people hurt.

And if I see a hazard, I won't rest until,

I have made the thing safe, or know someone will.

I must question each unsafe behaviour I see,

And encourage all others, to do that for me.

I must always give safety, the best I can do.

And expect that performance of all others too.

I must always remember to let people see,

That their safe behaviour, is important to me.

Every act is important, no matter how small.

For the safety of one, is the safety of all

We can all have a workplace that's injury free

If we each one Commit, to Making It Be,

If we all do our part, and each of us see,

If It's Going to Happen, - Then It's Up To Me.


canyonrose said...

Hi, my name is Emily and I recently started my second job with Kleen-Tex at Hallaburton. As I was cleaning, I ran across your poem on an office door. I was so impressed with the poem and told my son about it. He told me I could google anything. So I did. My first job is at La Torretta Lake Resort and recently I was asked to be on their safety team,so seeing your poem was very inspiring to me. Being a poet myself, you did a great job and I just wanted you to know that I appreciated reading the poem. Emily

Ashmyn said...

Hi Emily, thank you for your comment.. Safety need Team Work to achieved it.. you take care!

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